LiteSpeed Technologies Partnership

LiteSpeed Technologies Partnership

This press release was issued today regarding our partnership with LiteSpeed Technologies, as we are now offering their web server software on our shared, cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting platforms:

Washington, DC (WEB) September 11, 2015 — AET Hosting Solutions, (a division of AET Holdings Corp) announced today its new partnership with LiteSpeed Technologies. Clients on our shared, cloud, VPS and dedicated platforms will be able to experience faster load times and increased speed in their web applications.

“LiteSpeed’s web server technology provides a great incentive and value for our hosting clients by boosting website performance, increasing server efficiency and reducing hardware expenses. By improving website load times and lowering system resource utilization, we are allowing them to do more with less hardware,” said Ari Taherzadeh, Founder and CEO of AET Holdings Corp.

AET Hosting Solutions added the new web server technology at no additional cost to shared hosting clients. Cloud, VPS and Dedicated clients will be charged a fee, but at reduced pricing. The technology will increase web server speed to nearly nine times faster than traditional hosting services running Apache. Customers using PHP based websites will experience faster page load times by as much as fifty percent compared to using Apache.

“By using LiteSpeed’s web server, our clients will immediately see an increase in performance across all their website applications from standard websites to the most resource intensive web applications,” said Taherzadeh. “Other added benefits of using LiteSpeed Web Server include zero down time graceful restart, support for thousands of concurrent connections, and improved security measures.”

The LiteSpeed Web Server technology recovers from service failure instantly, providing longer server and website uptime. Clients still receive the same features as the Apache web server including .htaccess support.

About AET Hosting Solutions

AET Hosting Solutions, and its subsidiaries, represent a comprehensive service structure designed to meet the most demanding infrastructure and hosting requirements. We assist inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, fresh thinkers, and the like. And we go out of our way to assist them – with premium, reliable technology; simple, affordable solutions; and solid knowledge and advice. With proven experience, and stability that is unique for a technology company, AET Hosting Solutions delivers a secure, reliable and scalable service that helps customers meet their specific business requirements.

About LiteSpeed Technologies

Based in New Jersey with a satellite branch in Los Angeles, LiteSpeed Technologies is a next-generation web platform company that is dedicated to providing businesses with technology to improve the speed of internet content delivery while reducing operational costs for large web sites, service providers, and enterprise data centers. For more information, please visit LiteSpeed’s website at or contact

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